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We offer the following products to our customers:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Espresso Machines and Coffee Brew Equipments
  • Custom Packaging
Visit our online store for our full line of premium coffees. We also have a great selection of ice tea, custom packaging as well as the latest espresso machines and coffee brewing equipments to boost up your favorite cup of coffee!


All of our coffee is 100% shadegrown, which provides habitat for many native and migratory birds. All of our coffees is also 100% sun dried, which reduces the ecological footprint.

We have a great selection of coffees from all over the world, for example, Brazil, Columbian, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Kona, Mexican Custepec, New Guinea, Nicaragua, Panama, Peruvian, Sumatra, Zimbabee, Tanzania, Zimbabwe La Lucie Royale Estate. We also carry certified organic coffees which are available upon request.

For more complete list of coffees, please contact our customer service at

or email us at

The flavor, look, taste and aroma of each coffee depends on its country origin characteristics and roasting technique. To learn more about our different type of roasting and blends, please click here.


Other than our wide variety of coffee selections, we also offer a comprehensive range of ice tea from high quality of tea leaf carefully selected from the best part of tea estates in the world. For more details about our ice tea selection, please contact our customer service.

Please click here to see our packaging process.


We supply coffee brewing systems and espresso machines for our customer customized to their individual needs. There are a lot of variety of equipments for you to choose from. We even provide delivery services, repair and maintenance. Please call us for more information.

Examples of our coffee brewing systems and espresso machines:

Dual Brewer with Portable Server                             Dual Espresso Machine

Custom Packaging

If you need a customized packaging, Delta Café Roasting also provides variety of packaging in different sizes. Our packaging is especially designed to ensure the freshness of the coffee. In addition, we also have pre-packaged ice tea ready to go in 1 oz to 3 oz pack.